America is multicultural, vibrant, and rugged. From the golden shores of California to the towering Rockies, from the deserts of Arizona to the turquoise waters of Hawaii, America preserves its natural treasures through its 58 national parks. From conservation to culture, the U.S. has it all. There’s New York’s skyline, Washington, D.C.’s National Mall, and Boston’s Revolutionary spirit. Florida boasts 1,197 miles of coastline and attractions include the Keys and Orlando’s theme parks. world Travel 4u vacation consultants can match you with a United States trip that matches your style.



Currency: U.S. Dollar ($)

Tipping Customs: Tip anywhere between 15-20%, unless service charge is added.

Language: English

Popular Drink: Depends on where you go: soda pop, coffee, and beer are staples

Power Up: A or B (two or three-prong) 110 V

Must Eat: Burgers (several states claim to have invented the burger, but you’ll find this American staple in every state—from the refined dry-aged beef burgers of New York City’s steakhouses, to the veggie burgers of California)

Weather: Depends on where you’re going. The United States spans from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the warm breezes of Hawaii.

Best Time to Visit: Every season brings its charms, though summer is a popular travel time.


Discover America’s National Parks
From popular destinations like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion to remote parks like Big Bend, Capitol Reef, and Wrangell-St. Elias—you can hike with a crowd or all by yourself.

A Bite of the Big Apple
Explore New York City’s neighborhoods and attractions including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Bridge.

Magic at Florida’s Theme Parks
In Orlando, Walt Disney World® Resort makes dreams come true, and Universal Orlando Resort™ brings wizards and Islands of Adventure™.

Grandeur at the Grand Canyon
Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunrise or sunset and watch the sun paint the canyon every color.

California Road Trip
Nothing says America like a road trip, and California’s Pacific Coast Highway is an iconic drive that will take you from Hollywood to the Golden Gate Bridge, and north to Oregon and Washington.


You are unique, and so is your trip. When you book with World Travel 4u, we match you with an expert best suited to design a vacation just for you.